Saturday, August 1

I'm a 1950s Husband

Yup. The other day (well a few weeks ago actually, before I came down with this horrible lurgy) I came home from a tough day at the office and had a delightful meal on the table for me. How quaint!

The first course was this tomato and onion bruschetta. I properly love bruschetta. I know that's probably damaging my Scottish person street cred, but I do.
This was the main course. It's tripoline pasta which is kinda like frilly linguine with tomatoes, aubergines, and roasted peppers. What a lovely thing to come home to on a Friday evening. That and a glass of wine and I'm good to go.

Tuesday, July 28

I Win at Veganism

I've decided.


This is why:

Clean up your drool. That, my friend, is caramel shortcake aka millionaire's shortbread aka nomtastic aka a-little-piece-of-my-childhood. As far as I'm aware it's quite a Scottish thing and is served in school canteens all over the country (we don't agree with our children having teeth apparently).

I started out with this recipe, which was okay but if I'd actually followed it, this would have probably been disastrous. It's quite unclear (for example it doesn't state what temperature to cook the shortbread at, so I had to guess), and quite a lot of it I just plain didn't agree with, so I changed. I somehow managed to remember most of the changes I made, and in an uncommon move on my part, I'm actually going to post the recipe. I know! How often do I do that?!

Caramel Shortcake/Millionaire's Shortbread

150g (6 oz) vegan margarine
75g (3 oz) sugar
175g (7 oz) plain flour
75g (3 oz) cornflour


300g sugar
60g vegan margarine
6 tbsp soya whipping cream
2 tsp vanilla

200g of plain chocolate


  1. Add the margarine and the sugar to a mixing bowl and beat together.
  2. Mix in the flour and corn flour until well mixed and crumbly.
  3. Press shortbread mixture into an oven proof dish (I only had a round cake tin and that worked fine, but for proper nostalgic slabs of cake, I'll need to get a rectangular one).This should be pressed in quite firmly, I used the back of a spoon to level it out.
  4. Bake at 170 for 20 minutes or until just beginning to brown.
  5. Let the shortbread cool.
  6. While the shortbread is cooling you can make your caramel. In a large pan, melt the sugar BEING VERY CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF ON THE MOLTEN SUGAR LAVA. Once all the sugar has melted, it should be a lovely golden colour. Add the rest of the caramel ingredients and stir through.
  7. To tell if your caramel is ready carefully place a drop into a jug of cold water, and if it forms a soft ball between your finger and thumb then you're doing grand.
  8. Pour caramel over your now cooled shortbread.
  9. Melt your chocolate via whatever method you like and por over the caramel layer.
  10. Put in the fridge until the chocolate sets.
I thoroughly reccommend taking it out of the fridge and letting it get back to almost room temperature before eating it as this is when the caramel should be optimally gooey.

Enjoy! If anybody has any questions, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email (I just added a link up on the top right hand side).

Saturday, July 18

Teaching Boys to Cook

Well, just the one boy really. I've been working crazy mad all over the place hours recently and although I do enjoy the boy's tofu stir fry, it was getting a bit dull having it every day. So! We decided he needed to learn to cook, and as it turns out, he's actually rather good. Score!
This was spinach pasta with a light, lemony, creamy sauce, with kale, onions and pine nuts. On the side is pesto potatoes. It was absolutely blinkin gorgeous, and I got to have leftovers for lunch the next day.

Uber win.

No, you can't have him. No, he doesn't have a brother.

Also, just for good measure, here's a pepper I only went and stuffed the other night. Poor bugger, he never stood a chance.
It had tofu and rice and kale (oh my!), which are possibly three of my most favourite things in the world ever. Okay, so maybe those aaaaand my iphone.

Sunday, June 28

Finals Will Eat Your Soul

Yes they will. You may or may not have noticed my disappearance. You may also have noticed that I like bullet points. Therefore, here is a lame bullet point list stating the reasons for said disappearance:
  • Final year exams. I existed mainly off of popcorn and ramen noodles. You dont want pictures of popcorn and ramen noodles.
  • Moving house. Yep, onwards and upwards.
  • The whole graduation shebang. I got a 2:1, which considering I had surgery twice in my final year, I think makes me an utter genius.
  • I started a new job. It's management-y and fairly demanding.
Anyway. A few weeks after I finished uni I celebrated with my boy by making a sushi feast. The boy had never had sushi before and judging by the way he gobbled it up, I think it's safe to say he liked it.
The sushi had spicy tempeh and spring onions. We had it with teriyaki dipping sauce. Absolutely completely nomtastic.
This is an unnecessary close up of the sushi.
I also made some Inari sushi stuffed with sushi rice and spring onions and at the front is the leftover tempeh from the sushi which was marinated and fried. Proper delicious.

You'd probably think that was too much food for two people, but you'd be wrong. We gobbled it all up in a worryingly short space of time. I'd do it again.

Ooooh! I just ordered an iphone! I'm mainly showing off, but if anyone has any good app recommendations, that would be much appreciated.

Friday, March 6

Dosa and Tarts

Yup yup.

This was vegetables roasted in cumin, coriander, etc (by etc I mean I can't for the life of me remember) on top of a dosa which had some tikka masala (dairy free jarred brand from the health store) sauce on top. Yeah baby

This meal was made to use up leftover pastry from the Snow Day Pie. It's pastry rectangles, with sundried tomato sauce, chorizo red onion, mozzarella cheezly, and oregano on top. It was the yum. Served with salad salad and potato salad. Yes.

Saturday, February 14

Snow Day Pie

My office called on Thursday and said not to bother coming in because of the snow. I didn't argue and spent the day in my pyjamas watching the pretty snow outside. I also decided that as it was snowing, some stodgy food was required. What I ended up making was the best pie I have ever put into my mouth.
I roasted some brussel sprouts, carrots, and onion and then added some chopped vegideli sausages and simmered in some of Mr Henry Westons fine organic cider. I then added some onion gravy and into the pie bottom it went. Obviously it was then covered in pie top.

Best. Pie. Ever.

I want more now. There were not enough leftovers. Never enough.


Thursday, February 12

I'm posting to avoid doing my homework.

No really. Leave me lots of comments that need answered so that I can avoid it some more. Go on, enable me, you know you want to.

This breakfast came out of a craving I had for a fry up from the Grassroots Cafe in Glasgow. As I was not in Glasgow I decided to make my own. Tempeh bacon, toast, beans, herby tomatoes, and what really makes the Grassroots breakfast (which a lot of people find quite odd) garlic mayo. I wasn't in the mood for making myself feel ill, so I left off the potato scones. I think the mark of a good breakfast is the ability to have awesometastic lunch leftovers. This turned into tempeh bacon, tomato, and garlic mayo sandwiches for lunch, which was just the best thing ever.

Continuing along in my mission to test all of the new Grassingtons vegan range, I recently tried out the beef style meatballs. Served here with penne and arrabiatta sauce. I love these meatballs. Love. The instructions said to either bake them or fry them. Being the rebel that I am I ignored this and baked them, then fried them, then added the sauce. They plumped up nicely and were lovely and moist. Love.

Sunday, February 8

My Poor Teeth!

A post full of cavity inducing sugar on the way.
French toast. Bananas. Strawberries. Agave nectar. Bish bash bosh.
Ice cream with chopped up dairy free fudge and agave nectar. This was so disgustingly decadent I almost slipped into a sugar coma afterwards. You know what makes this more disgusting? It was eaten as dessert right after the fatty melt episode. I was clearly trying to kill myself with food that day. It's the only explanation.
This was the boy's birthday cake. I was the weird girl at the birthday party who demanded the lights must go on when the cake came out because I had to take a picture. Then I got all the questions about why I was taking pictures of food and explaining what a blog was. It was fun. Alas, the picture is still a bit crap because once again I was fairly inebriated. What is it with me being drunk around cake?

Saturday, January 24

Lelly's Fatty Melt with a side of Irony Salad

Back in October when I stumbled upon this monstrosity, my initial thoughts were eww and *vomit*. After the initial shock though, I vowed to veganise it. Why? Because I have this fixation with occasionally making the trashiest, godawfully unhealthy food around, and sometimes I just have to give in to the urge. What can I say? I'm Scottish, it's in my blood.

Anyway, this was remarkably easy to make. I cut the bread into squares roughly the same size as the burgers and then squished them down to make the bread really thin, and then put a slice of tofutti cheddar and vegideli bacon in. Instead of frying this like the recipe, I foremanised it, and then when the burgers were done grilling, they were put in between the grilled cheese sandwiches along with ANOTHER slice of cheese and ANOTHER slice of bacon. The result was the following artery clogging badness:
If you look closely at the top left hand side you can see the cheese oozing out of the top grilled cheese sandwich. You see that? That's pure atherosclerotic magic, that is! The boy also pointed out that in this picture the sandwich looks like it's poking out it's 'cheesy tongue of artery clogging defiance' at us. You can also see some of the bacon sticking out. Is everyone thoroughly disgusted enough with me yet? Good. For the record, I could only eat half of one of these and the boy ate the rest of my half. Also, don't you just love the irony salad? You know the rules If you're having something as disgustingly bad as this, it's okay, as long as you have something green on your plate too. It totally balances out. Also, everyone knows the rule about how all the calories are in the last bite, and so since the boy ate the last half of mine, I'm fine... Right?

Thursday, January 22

I've been busy, okay?!

Yeah yeah, so I know you're all bored of this little routine I have where I post regularly for a while and then I stop and can't seem to get my blogging groove back on and so I post apologising. I'm bored of it too, so I won't apologise. I will however inform you of all the new and exciting and scary (oh my!) things going on. Okay? Okay! As my friend the Debatron can attest to (this is really just a test to see if any of my friends read my blog), I like bullet point lists, so without further ado, here is the Bullet Point List of Things Which Keep Lelly Busy:
  • Uni! I'm in my final year, and I've somehow managed to be doing two dissertations (it's a whole big thing), so yes, I've been frantically, and often not so frantically working on that.
  • My face! You know how my face is filled with fail and will one day have the inside bits replaced? Well on the 30th of December (yes, I had a bloody great New Year tyvm) I had surgery to possibly delay this whole replacing of the inside bits thing. They froze my joints with a cryoprobe which should supposedly freeze the nerves, and thus freeze the pain. So far, I'm in as much pain as I was before AND I have the post surgical pain AND I have a rather hefty scar AND I have a hefty bald patch. Oh yes, they shaved my hair and didn't tell me they were going to do this until afterwards. The scoundrels! This kept me busy and off the solids for a while.
  • In December I had a big scary interview and presentation to do for a postgraduate course in teaching. So preparing for that, and then afterwards constantly refreshing the page to see if I'd been successful was rather time consuming.
  • Guess what guys, I got in! AND they waived their usual condition that biology students must have a second class degree or above for me. They just liked me that much. But well, who doesn't? So yes, I know what I'm going to be when I grow up again!
  • Is this a food blog? I think it just might be. Let the food blogging commence!
At Christmas I was in Glasgow and demanded that my mother helped me find some of the Grassingtons products. By demanded, I of course mean that I asked nicely. Anyway, I got some of the steaks, the chicken things, and the meatballs. So far I've tried the first two.
I actually really really liked this, which I suppose is odd considering I don't think I've ever eaten steak. It's tasty, tender, and handy to have in the freezer. From what I remember it wasn't actually that expensive either.
The chicken thing comes already marinated in some tomato thing. I served it atop some bulgur wheat, with roast potato salad on the side. Oh yeah, and some balsamic glaze on top. Hmmm... What to say about this? Well! Words cannot describe how very much I disliked this. It made me feel ill. I don't know if it was too chickeny, but I don't remember eating chicken so I wouldn't know, but it had these weird fibre bits that thoroughly freaked the everloving bejeesus out of me. DO. NOT. WANT. In fact, looking at the picture is making me feel a bit ill. *shudder*

Anyway, in other news, remember how I made a companion cube cake for my friend a while back? Well, someone who was also at that party (although I have to admit I do not know too well) liked the cake so much he requested I make him a cake for his birthday. Did I mention he wasn't vegan? Booyah. Anyway, he played it a bit fast and loose with the instructions, just that he wanted the same lemon cake. As previously mentioned I do not know this boy too well. Things I did know: 1) He's a nurse. 2) He likes Batman. 3) He does not seem to approve of our trend of naming people after the shapes of their heads. Anyway, this brief led to this cake:
I very very nearly put a little red cross on the bat logo, but I stopped myself. Why? I was thinking "if this was a professional cake and I did that, would it end up on the bizarre section of cake wrecks?" Oh also, the mess of blue and yellow border was all pretty squiggly lines, but then I couldn't fit the cake in my fridge and the icing melted a bit. Boo. Oh well. I have another cake to make soon for the boy (you know, the boy). Cakes seem to be like buses, you don't make one for ages, and then three come along at once. Err, or something.

Monday, December 22

Fake Christmas

I had myself a merry little fake christmas in Dundee yesterday before I head back through to Glasgow.

I used one of the new redwoods turkey roast thingies and it was mighty delicious. It seems to me like it's what you Amurrikens get, you know, that tofurkey thing? Yeah, it was like that, with the stuffing in the middle and whatnot.
Served with roast parsnips, potatoes, brussel sprouts, and gravy. I could eat this again now.

Monday, December 15

Weighted Companion (not quite) Cube Cake

I'm a geek, so it's only natural that the vast majority of my friends are also geeks. This weekend I went to a birthday party for one of my favourite people, who just so happens to not only be a geek, but also vegan! Score! So, I decided to make him the geekiest vegan cake I could. Behold, the vegan weighted companion (not quite) cube cake:
It's not quite a cube because I figured out that to make a cube this cake would have required about four layers, and I kinda have a little bit of a life, or at least uni work to do. So, i decided to only make one side of the cube. It was an executive decision. Also, yes the botton part has cracked icing. It's a square cake that got transported on a too small circular base. I have come to terms with this crack. You should too.
This is it sliced and my thumb making another blog appearance. The cake was a lemon cake (at the birthday boys request), with strawberry jam in the middle. The picture is rubbish because by the time we got to eating cake, I was fairly inebriated. Apparently when the cake was being sliced it was made certain that I got a bit with some heart on it. That's friendship, that is. Also, I feel the need to state, unequivocally, and for the record.

The cake is not a lie!

Anyway, unrelatedly, I hate Christmas. I just do. What I do like however, is all the good vegan food that appears in shops around this time of the year. I do like that.
Fancy spelt bread with red onion, cranberry cheddar cheezly, and cranberry sauce. I do like that.

Friday, December 5

Sometimes I sing songs.

I cannot sing. Not a note. That doesn't stop me. I like to take songs and adapt them to whatever situation I'm in. I have a song I sing about cell division. It helps me remember the phases (or it used to, now I'm brilliant and just know the phases, but I still like to sing the song). My sister is a primary teacher and she makes up songs for her class, so clearly this is a genetic thing. That is my professional opinion.

Anyway, remember a few posts ago I made meatballs? Well I made forty five million of them and they've been sitting in my freezer ever since and they started to become an oppressive force in my life, and I thought to myself, why am I letting meatballs become an oppressive force in my life?! So I thought, meatball subs!
So, why was I babbling about singing? Well as I was making this I was dancing around my kitchen singing my meatball sub song. It's essentially the manics song 'Motown Junk' but with meatball sub instead. It's really very clever. Meatball! Meatball sub!

Wednesday, December 3

Listen to my opinion!

For it is important. So important that my friend John has taken to using Chuck Norris jokes to describe me. Obviously he takes Chuck Norris out and uses my name instead. It's really very unimaginative, but it amused me greatly. For example:
  • There is no ctrl button on Lelly's laptop. Lelly is always in control.
  • Contrary to popular belief, you are not living in a democracy, its a Lellytatorship.
My other friend Stu decided to point out that this does not always work:
  • Lelly doesnt have a chin, under that beard its just another fist.
Stu is just a big fat spoilsport though.

Anyway, what am I babbling about? Is there a point to this drivel? Well, not really, but kinda. I'm doing a product review today!

I found this at the Health Store and had to try it out. It wasn't too expensive - Just over 2 quid and it feeds 2. Yes, that is my strange child like thumb. Can we move on from the thumb?!

It claims to be Tortellini Tri Colore filled with tofu and spices.
I cooked it up with some tomato and basil sauce and sliced vegi deli sausages. The pasta itself was good. But I really could barely taste the tofu never mind any spices. Nevertheless it was nice to have fresh pasta of any sort, so I'd probably buy it again. What I would not do again is refill my sea salt grinder right before I'm about to eat this, not screw the cap on properly and then pour have a tub of salt on my pasta. Luckily it was just in the bottom corner (you can still see some of it on the sausages at the bottom), and I rescued as much as I could, but still, I actually yelled. Quite a lot.

Sunday, November 23

My meatballs bring all the boys to the yard.

I could teach you, but I'd have to charge.

The meatballs were loosely based on the new farm recipe, but I added gluten flour and took some stuff out. In, out, in, out, shake it all about. Served with linguine, spicy pepper sauce, and sprinkled with parmezano.

This currently resides in my stomach. Blackened tofu, tuscan kale, and potatoes roasted in cumin, turmeric, and paprika. The blackened tofu is once again based on the recipe in eat, drink, and be vegan. I winged it mainly because I'm a rebel, but also because a stinky boy has my copy of ED&BV. Smelly boys!

How have I spent today? Cutting up and sticking together juice bottles to make model biospheres with the class I'm teaching in a high school. Geeks like me shouldn't be allowed scissors. It's not going to end well.

Sunday, November 16

It's my birthday and I'll bake if I want to.

You would bake too if it happened toooo youuuuuuuuuuuuu. Or something.

I just had what was officially the bestest Lelly birthday ever ever ever. Ever. There was cake and cocktails and vegans, oh my!

So I had friends coming over and some of the out of towners were staying over and as everyone knows Lelly is a feeder. As everyone also knows, Lelly is worryingly sensible and so she made mucho food to feed to people to line their bellies.

Why yes, that is a three tier cake stand and a shopping trolley, thanks for asking! In the cake stand are chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate chip brownies. In the shopping trolley are homemade soysage rolls (which if I don't make on a semi-regular basis certain friends of mine will make me pay). There's also tomato bruschetta, carrot cake, and (not pictured) roast potato salad. Oh, and pretzels. You can't forget the pretzels.

Sunday, November 9

I like to steal other peoples ideas

The idea for the following post is entirely stolen from another blog. This is like an essay right? As long as I cite it, it's all cool? Yeah?

Anyway. Here is the first installment of insane google searches that led people to my blog.

  • Trashy food. I can't decide whether to be offended or amused.
  • Ot vegan. This one is a VFF joke, but I'm not sure how it led here. Oh well.
  • Battered salad. I would like to state, for the record, that I have never battered a salad and don't plan to. If you're here for the battered salad, move it along brah!
  • Chinese supermarkets make me feel sick. This is just plain odd. How did this get someone to my blog?! Oh google godesses, please tell me?!
  • Close ups of boobs. My mother will be so proud.
  • Critique Robin Dunbar. This one was from my last post, but it gives me an odd sense of pleasure knowing other people studying for an essay on this will get my page instead, because I found so many useless pages in my search. Come for the Robin Dunbar, stay for the vegan love, that's my motto.
  • Giant monkey balloons. And so the fable of the giant monkey balloon continues. Long may he travel the country, confusing the masses.
  • Italian bombs food. I have no witty banter for this one. I don't understand where the need for this search would be.
  • Please don't feed the bears banana bread. I understand where this one came from, but still, I kinda want to go out and feed bears banana bread now and see what happens. Oh yes, I am such a rebel.
  • Trashy kitchens. This one I plain take offense to. Other than the many irn bru bottles (it's my other national drink and is therefore mandatory) there ain't nothing trashy about my kitchen.
The odd thing is apparently, recently only one person has got here from googling 'vegan'. VEGAN VEGAN VEGAN VEGAN VEGAN. Take that the google!

Monday, November 3

The Meme That Helps Lelly Avoid Work

The students out there know what I'm talking about. Two essays due in so my house has never been more tidy or organised, I have about three meals prepared in advance, and I'm doing this meme. What? A girl needs some down time. Mum, you know you do it too, don't look at me like that!

1. What was the most recent tea you drank?

I keep a box of St John's Wort tea in a cupboard at work. I sit in front of a computer a lot, and I find the St John's Wort helps fend off any lurky migraines.

2. What vegan forums do you post/lurk on? If so, what is your username? Spill!
The VFF is mah BFF. My username is Lelly because I am the worlds most original person.

3. You have to have tofu for dinner, and it has be an Italian dish. What comes to mind first?
I just had some! I marinated tofu in a tomatoey basil mixture, baked it, and had it on top of a pasta bake.

4. How many vegan blogs do you read on an average day?
I just checked my sage feeder thing and apparently 27. But then that's not all vegan blogs, that includes xkcd and other webcomics.

5. Besides your own, what is the most recent one you’ve read?
I was just reading the Sisters Vegan, which is where I got the idea to procrastinate with this meme. I also happen to think they're adorable.

6. If you could hang out with a vegan blogger that you haven’t met, who would it be, and what would you do?
Ida from Yummy Vegan Dinners. First we'd perfect our yorkshire pudding recipe, and then we'd use this knowledge to take over the world.

7. If you had to base your dinners for a week around one of the holy trilogy – tofu, seitan or tempeh, which would it be?
Tofu tofu tofu!

8. If you had to use one in a fight, which would it be?
I reckon the frozen blocks of tempeh they sell in the health store could do some damage.

9. Name 3 meals you’d realistically make with that tough protein of choice! Battered tempeh, battered tempeh, and battered tempeh.

10. What’s a recipe in vegan blogland that you’ve been eyeing?
I wanna try another one of Bryannas roasts soon. I've only made on once and she has so many different kinds. Plus it's that time of year when you want a nice warm oven and a massive lump of seitan isn't it?

11. Do you own any clothing with vegan messages/brands on them?
Uh yah. I have the red and black SSOV, the brown v neck one. A green herbivore zipper, a brown herbivore zipper. Umm, I have lots more but I can't remember.

12. Have you made your pilgrimage to the 'vegan mecca' yet? (Portland, duh)
*sob* No! I do plan to though, honest to goodness I do. Althought I hear the Illadelph is giving PDX a run for it's money, so I may have to plan a trip out and compare them both. Purely in the interests of science... Or something.

13. What age did you first go vegan? Did it stick?
17 or 18, and of course it stuck! If you're not vegan now, you never were, Brah!

14. What is the worst vegan meal you’ve had? Who cooked it?
Oooh! Recently when I went away to the middle of nowhere with uni. One night I was given a baked potato with boiled potato as topping and some inexplicable birdseed sprinkled on it.

15. What made you decide to blog?
Well, as you all know, I'm really quite awesome, and I felt the need to share this awesomeness with you, my faithful readers.

16. What are three of your favorite meals to make?
New Farm mac and cheese, stuffed shells, and stuffed tofu with hasselback potatoes.

17. What dish would you bring to a vegan Thanksgiving-themed potluck?
Probably one of Bryannas roasts, or the aforementioned New Farm mac and cheese.

18. Where is your favorite vegan meal at a restaurant? How many times have you ordered it?
Ooooh.... The Big Mono burger from Mono followed by some 13th Note cheesecake. I can't choose between them and you can't make me. Nuh uh.

16. What do you think the best chain to dine as a vegan is?
Ugh...Scream pubs around these parts are okay, but it depends from pub to pub.

17. My kitchen needs a………
Breadmaker! I've always wanted one. It most definitely does not need a deep fryer. No siree bob.

18. This vegetable is not allowed in my kitchen…..!
I welcome all vegetables graciously, but that evil little fungus dude the mushroom is banned. Would you like some extra slime with your meal? Try the mushrooms!

19. What's for dinner tonight?
More of the pasta bake and tofu that I made earlier.

20.Add a question here!
Write a critique of Robin Dunbar's theory on the evolution of language. Go on, you know you wanna write my essay for me.

Sunday, October 26

Super Secret Pudding Project

Not pudding pudding. Yorkshire pudding.

Can I tell you about the project? No. Can I tell you the how's or why's? No. It's a secret. I can tell you one thing. It's a delicious project. Wait, I lied, I can tell you two things. I'm working with another agent on the project. We are comrades in yorkshire pudding struggle.

Exhibit A - Yorkshire puddings. Look at that dip. Whoa mama. I would mention the other stuff, but who cares?

Exhibit B - As nature intended. Yorkshire puddings as gravy holding receptacles.

The first rule of yorkshire pudding club is you don't talk about yorkshire pudding club.
The second rule is no smoking.

This blog post will self destruct in 5...4...

Monday, October 13

The following meals are brought to you by indecision

I'm not good at making decisions. At all. Sometimes when I can't decide what I want to eat, I make everything that sounds good at once and then have leftovers for ages. I sometimes like when this happens.

This meal was inspired by wanting generalised Indian food. There is tofu and aubergine tikka masala, wholegrain rice, vegetable samosas and onion bhajis.

This meal was inspired by wanting generalised carby stodge. There is spicy pepper pasta, aubergine pomodoro, garlic bread, and mini peppers stuffed with garlic and herb cream cheese and battered. Look at that cream cheese oozing out...

Love me! I just noticed the follow me thingy on blogger because it told me that the lovely Kismet was following me. You should also follow me. Why? Because I'm needy and like to be loved. Do it. You know you want to. The link is right over there --->